Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy and how is it used for helping seniors?

Music Therapy is rapidly becoming a common therapeutic technique that is supported by science and can provide immediate biological and psychological benefits for everyone. In fact, studies in England found that music can reduce chronic pain from diseases and decrease stress up to 25%. Other studies have found that music can also improve moods, boost immunity, decrease blood pressure, lower heart rates, help stroke recovery and enhance a person’s ability to learn. Music Therapy is an excellent way for patients to have fun and address their physical, emotional and social needs.

How does Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania provide Music Therapy?

At Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania, patients engage in a variety of music experiences designed by a music therapist to address the individual needs and preferences of each patient. Most patients enjoy this therapy because the possibilities are endless. Music Therapy experiences include singing with friends, instrument playing, songwriting, music listening, song discussion and dancing. It’s a great way for the patients to express emotion, relax their minds, have fun with friends, show off their skills and possibly discover talents that they never knew they had. Music Therapy is offered daily at Haven and it is sure to be one of the most entertaining and relaxing parts of the day for all the patients.

The goal of Music Therapy at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania is to create a stress free environment for the patients to relax their minds and sooth their souls while they connect with others and build friendships along the way. This therapy has been proven to help mental health patients shift their mindsets from the stress that they deal with every day to a gleeful mental alternative. Losing yourself in the right music can immediately reframe the way patients are thinking and help them realize that they can find enjoyment in music, no matter their age.



Music Therapy
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Music Therapy
Music Therapy