The Pagoda and Tower Adult Inpatient Units

Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania

This Program provides 24-hour-a-day intensive treatment for patients with acute psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment. People in an acute psychiatric crisis urgently require a safe environment, a structured and supportive social milieu, and intensive psychiatric and physiological therapeutic intervention. The Program combines these elements into a unique and effective treatment program. Every aspect of unit life is intended to assist patients in achieving their optimal level of functioning.

This unit’s physical design provides a safe and appropriately sensory stimulating environment for all patients and space for therapeutic and recreational activities. The Program is furnished to provide a comfortable atmosphere and to encourage interaction among patients and staff.

What professionals make up the treatment staff for Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit?

The treatment staff is interdisciplinary and includes Nurses, Social Workers and others such as: Occupational and Activity Therapists working as a team under the direction of a Physician.  A psychiatrist is the attending physician.  Additional physicians may be consulted, as needed, for special medical needs of the patients. This treatment team provides each patient entering the Program with a comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment and an individually tailored plan for treatment. As clinically indicated, this treatment plan may include intensive individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, appropriate medication and additional educational and skill building activities.

All of these elements of care are provided by qualified personnel working within a program structure that emphasizes patient and family participation in the treatment process.  The Program’s treatment encourages patient involvement and responsibility through participation in treatment planning and an ongoing therapeutic community.  Daily involvement in therapy groups and community meetings develops a sense of mutual interdependence and support that is important in the treatment of all patients on the unit.

What does the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit Program provide for patients?

Through this coordinated effort, the Program provides the support structure and therapeutic expertise needed to help patients stabilize their condition and achieve a more adequate level of functioning.

The Program recognizes its singular role in the continuum of care and the importance of this role in attaining and maintaining the patient’s optimal function. Liaisons will be established with providers of outpatient services, day hospitalization, nursing homes and other support systems within the community

Each patient is provided the opportunity to take risks in an environment that is healthy and conducive to change, growth and development.

In this milieu, each patient is encouraged to take responsibility for his/her actions and know that they will be supported by a caring, professional staff that is eager to facilitate their growth.


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Adult Inpatient Services at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania
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Adult Inpatient Services at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania
Adult Inpatient Services at Haven Behavioral Hospital of Eastern Pennsylvania